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Mikhail Bulgakov

The_White_Guard_smMikhail Bulgakov was little known outside his native Russia until the publication of The Master And Margarita nearly three decades after his death. Since then he had taken his place among the literary giants of Russian and World History. There are many intriguing aspects to Bulgakov’s life. He began his professional life as a country doctor and served with the Russian military during World War One and later with the White Armies which sought to topple the young Bolshevik regime during the Civil War. Though it has never been noted, it seems likely that Boris Pasternak may have based some aspects of Dr. Zhivago upon Bulgakov as well as the more prominent Alexander Blok. After the wars Bulgakov moved to Moscow where he became a writer, his first major work the hilariously satirical Heart Of A Dog, a story which tells in both parable and parody and tale of early Soviet culture using the device of a talking to illustrate the mean spirited society that had arisen from the ashes of Tsarist Russia. To Continue Reading Click Here