1917 Revolution

A Russian Board Game
(Courtesy of RussianMemory.com)

Instructions: Object of the game. If you choose to be a capitalist the only objective in 1917 Revolution is to escape Russia into exile. If you are a Bolshevik you may rise through the ranks until you become a Commissar, at which time you're likely to be shot. Rules: As a Revolution is sweeping Russia there are no rules in this game other than to try and save your own miserable skin. Good luck.

Chance Cards & Bolshevik Money
Nevsky Prospekt -
Gostiny Dvor (Shopping District)

Summer Gardens
(Collect Communal Fund Comrade)

Imperial Bank

Lenin Needs Money - Send Stalin To Make A Withdrawal

Kronstadt Sailors Arrive In Petrograd
Yusopov Palace

Party Like It's 1916 With Rasputin
Summer Palace
Electric Tramline

Water Works

House Of Faberge
Passage Mall

Tsar's Courts-
Revolutionary Tribunals
(Go to Peter & Paul Fortress until regime change)

  Astoria Hotel
Trinity Bridge

Block the Bridge 250
Liteiny Bridge

Raise the Bridge 250
Communal Chest

Time Out From The Revolution - See A Play At The People's House
Nikolaevsky Railway Station

Alexander Nevsky Monastery
Finland Railway Station
Alexandrinsky Theatre

You are elected Commissar - No Pay
Telephone Exchange

St. Isaac's Cathedral
Grand Europe Hotel

Rent 100
Electric (Hydro) Works
Maryinksy Theatre
Newspapers & Journalists

Treat Them Well - You Need The Press
Taxes Are Levied On The Bourgeois - Pay 100 Rubles
Stray Dog Cafe

Cover Charge 5
The Winter Palace


Peter & Paul Fortress
(For Transport to Siberia under all regimes)

Univeristy of St. Petersurg

Hotbed of Revolution - Close It Down Now!
Vasilesky Island
Smolny Institute

Girls' School & Bolshevik HQ - Oh What Fun!
Horse Drawn Tramline

Taxes Are Levied On The Workers - Pay 10 Rubles


Putilov Works - Munitions Factories

Communal Chest - Give A Little Comrade
Workers Tenements


The Revolution Begins
(Collect 200 Rubles From The Bourgeois Comrade)

Moika Canal - Neva River - Vyborg Worker's District
Chance Cards & Bolshevik Money

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