1917 Revolution

A Russian Board Game
(Courtesy of RussianMemory.com)


Chance & Communal Chest Cards
(During a Revolution - All Life is a Chance and all property is Communal)

All Comrades Must Donate 10 All Bourgeoisie Must Donate 20

Income Tax Is Abolished - Give All Property To The State

Advance to Nearest Tram or Railway - Your choice - Confiscate it or use it to get out of Petrograd fast

You Buy Lenin's Wig at Auction to Raise Money for the Revolution 10

Premiere Night at the Maryinski - Party with Gorky & Chaliapin

First Prize in the Bolshevik Beauty Contest - Winner Pays 10

You are Elected to the local Soviet - Receive 10

Your Red (White) Brigade Unit is Called Up - Give Away all your Property

Your White (Red) Army Unit is Routed - Go to the Peter & Paul Fortress

Rasputin Gives You Advice - Pay 100

You Are Named Tsar's Advisor - Been Nice Knowing You

Get Out of Peter & Paul Fortress - Flee to Kiev for your Life

Buy Any Property for 10
- Next week the Bolsheviks will confiscate it

You are promoted to Captain of Red (White) Guards - Take 10 pay cut

Tsar abdicates Workers Unionize Rejoicing

Lenin takes power - Workers lose the right to Strike

Culture Night - Blok Reads from the Twelve

Private Property is Abolished Confiscate All Capitalist Property in Game

Wild Card: Anarchists Take Power - Game Over - No More Rules
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1917 Money - Print Your Own And As Much As You Like - It's Worthless Anyway

1898 - Back When A Ruble Was A Ruble








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